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              Established in 1995, Kedeng Company started to produce sanitary products such as water faucet and angel valve for domestic cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian. We won high reputation in those markets. After 15 years development the product range include 5 series of angel valve, floor drain, basin drain, faucet and sanitary spare parts with totally more than 300 items. The annual production capability is 300,000 sets of angel valve, 100,000 sets of floor drain, 200,000 sets of basin drain and 50,000 sets of faucet.

              Based on customer-oriented marketing conception, the product quality is always the top priority of Kedeng Company. Meanwhile, a scientific system for production,logistics and QC system is created to ensure that every piece produced can be delivered to our customers on time. Currently, more than 20 million consumers in America, France, Italy and Korea are using Kedeng products.

              The construction for second phase of Kedeng plant project has been building since June of 2013. This forespeaks a new climax of development. Every employee of Kedeng Company will be together with our old and new customers to seek for a greater prospect.

              Add:Hengjie Industrial Zone,Luqiao District,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province  Tel0576-82600555
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